American Pelicans in Sky 050313

Pelicans Return 05.03.13 by Jacqueline Perry, gouache and marker on paper

A flock of twenty Pelicans flew high over downtown Davenport. In LeClaire, dozens of the birds appeared as large white dots floating on the river. With a wingspan of 95 to 120 inches,  you can’t miss them.

American Pelicans spend the winter in Mexico and along the United States Gulf Coast. In the early spring, they migrate up the Mississippi River and throughout the West heading to Canada for the summer, but many stay–the birds don’t honor our boundaries.

About tobeamazed

My name is Jacqueline Perry. I am an artist and a pastor serving a congregation in the Midwest. In addition to my usual duties I lead art workshops as a way to explore lives of faith. Before I was ordained, I received an M.F.A in Painting from Boston University. I have been an art teacher and exhibited work over the years. Living on the Great Plains has awakened my love for nature. I am amazed by nature, art and people.
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