This summer, during a ten week leave from my regular duites at church, I traveled, painted and posted my outdoors experiences of the Holy.  Some days, I painted outdoors though the heat in July especially forced me inside. I went on two retreats into nature (one near Bradford, Pennsylvania  [woods] and the other near Wheatland, Iowa [prairie]).  I had some idea of where I was going, but I stayed open to where the Spirit was calling.  I am still eager to learn how you encountered the Holy in nature this summer.

In the future, I hope to encourage people to join me at a specific outdoor location to paint, draw, photograph, write, or hang out together. The record breaking heat this summer reminded me that there is no particular virtue in unnecessary suffering. If it was hot, I worked indoors…most times. – Jackie

Week 1  (June 4-10) – Rock Island, Illinois

Week 2  (June 11-17) – Henderson, Kentucky

Week 3  (June 18-24) – Western Pennsylvania

Week 4  (June 25-30) – Eastern Iowa

Week 5  (July 2-8) – Southeast Iowa and Bloomfield Rodeo

Week 6  (July 9-15) – TBA

Week 7  (July 16-22) – TBA

Week 8  (July 23-29) – TBA

Week 9  (Aug 1-5 ) – TBA

Week 10  (Aug 6-10) – On Retreat

August 12 – Last day of sabbatical

August 13 – Return to the office (with cookies)

September 20 – Gallery Talk & Dessert 6:30 p.m. in the Son Cafe @ First Congregational Church, Moline

December 15 – Guest Artist Reception 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Courtyard Gallery, Bloomfield, Iowa

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