Bear - spray paint - Perry

© Jacqueline Perry, “Black Bear”, spray paint on paper

Each summer, our family would return to the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  We might spot a  black bear sometime during our stay. One might ramble across my grandmother’s field or be spotted in a forest. Just before sunset, it was hard to tell if the shape was really a bear.

Once, while walking deep in the woods, we spotted a large black bear with cubs.  I was hoping that she wouldn’t spot us. We walked three miles out of our way to get back home.

Bear - spray paint - Perry 2

© Jacqueline Perry

About tobeamazed

My name is Jacqueline Perry. I am an artist and a pastor serving a congregation in the Midwest. In addition to my usual duties I lead art workshops as a way to explore lives of faith. Before I was ordained, I received an M.F.A in Painting from Boston University. I have been an art teacher and exhibited work over the years. Living on the Great Plains has awakened my love for nature. I am amazed by nature, art and people.
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4 Responses to Memory

  1. Jean Walline says:

    You did such a good piece of natural art. Your story is equally interesting–can just know the feeling of being safe from the bear!

  2. jane tims says:

    Hi. I like these paintings. I tried a technique like this with pressed ferns and was pleased with the results. Jane

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