Places List

Suggested places to visit this summer:

  1. Auctions, various outdoors
  2. Babbling brooks (and listen)
  3. Bickelhaupt Arboretum, in Clinton, Iowa
  4. Bishop Hill, Illinois (small historical Swedish Village)
  5. Ben Butterworth Parkway, Moline, Illinois
  6. Black Hawk State Park, in Rock Island, Illinois
  7. Bloomfield, Iowa (Bloomfield Rodeo, “The Square”, Lake Fisher)
  8. Chapel on the Hill,  (Webers Meat) near Geneseo
  9. Clouds (anywhere) with animal shapes!
  10. Coralville Lake, from Iowa City, north toward Cedar Rapids
  11. Credit Island, Illinois
  12. Crow Creek Park, Bettendorf, Iowa
  13. Decorah, Iowa, Seed Savers
  14. Duck Creek Park Trail, Devil’s Glen Park area, in Bettendorf
  15. Eagle Point, Clinton, Iowa
  16. Aunt Effie’s Flower Farm, near Long Grove, Iowa
  17. Farmers’ Markets, various outdoors
  18. Figge Art Museum mezzanine ( rainy day), looks out onto LeClaire Park, Davenport
  19. Ferne Clyffe State Park, near Marion, Illinois (South), views of rock formations
  20. Fontenelle Nature Association, Nebraska City, Nebraska, near Omaha
  21. Galena, Illinois (the steps)
  22. Hampton, Illinois (When the Ice Cream  Shoppe is also open)
  23. Hauberg Trail at Loud Thunder State Park (kind of secluded)
  24. Hennepin Canal, Big Island area in Milan, Illinois for walking;
  25. Hennepin Canal Fen (unique ecological area), near Geneseo, and bicycle trail
  26. John Deere Campus, Moline, Illinois
  27. Jackson Sanders Farm, near Genesea (black angus cattle)
  28. Lindsay Park,  Village of East Davenport, Iowa
  29. Lock and Dam 14, and  Smith Island Nature Trail, near LeClaire, Iowa
  30. LeClaire, Iowa  [Would someone recommend a favorite spot?]
  31. Madison, Wisconsin (weekend trip) lots of stuff to do
  32. Maquoketa Caves, near Maquoketa, Iowa
  33. Metropolis, Illinois (visit Superman)
  34. Mines of  Spain State Park, south of Dubuque, Iowa (kind of secluded)
  35. Mississippi, near Cordova, Illinois
  36. Nahant Marsh, near Davenport, Iowa
  37. Pond, near Joslin Illinois
  38. Prospect Park, Moline, Illinois
  39. Our Lady of the Mississippi Valley Abbey, Dubuque, Iowa
  40. Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat Center, Wheaton, Iowa
  41. Rochester Cemetery, near Tipton, Iowa
  42. Ruins (of any kind) and how nature claims them
  43. Saint Anne’s Church
  44. Scott County Park, near Long Grove, Iowa
  45. Starved Rock State Park, Utica, Illinois, (waterfall summer or winter)
  46. Sunrises and Sunsets (anywhere, but especially by water on the beach)
  47. Tower Hill, a UCC  Camp, Michigan
  48. Walk the Bix at Six on Thursday evenings in July (start anytime after 6pm)
  49. Wapsi Environmental Center and Trails, near Dixon, Iowa
  50. Wild Cat Den and Grist Mill, near Muscatine, Iowa

2 Responses to Places List

  1. Ginny Perry says:

    The steps in Galena are my favorite and story behind them, learned that on trolley ride. But Galena itself is awesome

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