Welcome to my new website. I’m starting this blog to find others who may experience the Divine through nature. As a person of faith and as an artist, my favorite way to respond to nature is through art. Next to simply being outside, I love to paint and draw outdoors.

My congregation at First Congregational Church UCC in Moline, Illinois has offered me a sabbatical for this summer for the purpose of rest and renewal. They are also sending me out with a wonderful list of places to paint–places where they have experienced God. I’m keeping a running list viewable under “Places List” near the top of the screen.

I may not be able to hit all of the nature sites in two months, but I plan to visit many of them to paint and draw. I will keep you posted right here. How do you experience the Spirit in nature? Please share your thoughts. I’m preparing to be amazed!

About tobeamazed

My name is Jacqueline Perry. I am an artist and a pastor serving a congregation in the Midwest. In addition to my usual duties I lead art workshops as a way to explore lives of faith. Before I was ordained, I received an M.F.A in Painting from Boston University. I have been an art teacher and exhibited work over the years. Living on the Great Plains has awakened my love for nature. I am amazed by nature, art and people.
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8 Responses to Greetings!

  1. jnewcomb81 says:

    I thought I would try this out after hearing about it again today. I like the images so far and am looking forward to more in the future.

    • tobeamazed says:

      Thanks for visiting. This is my first website/blog, so I’m learning how the posts and replies work. I feel like someone just threw me the keys to my first visual mobile home and I have gobs to learn before I am tooling down the highway. But with your comment (my first one), it feels like I have backed out of the driveway!

      • jnewcomb81 says:

        If you get down to Southern Illinois, don’t forget to visit Superman in Metropolis. I will send you a picture to inspire you by e-mail.

      • tobeamazed says:

        Thanks. I had to google “Superman in Metropolis, IL”. Looks like lots of activities in the second week of June in Metropolis. I will put this on my list!

  2. Jeanne M says:

    Excited to follow your adventures…I opened a blog in January, but have yet to post anything to it, all these months later. You’re an inspiration.

  3. Carol A. Dyer says:

    Who wouldn’t be amazed at nature. To see the dew drops on a huge spider web in the morning causing it to shine like diamonds in the sunshine and accentuating the individual spider’s artistic design, to driving through a prism (yes literally driving through a rainbow) in Napa. to listen to the sounds of the birds, or touching the velvety softness of a flower petal, breathing in the freshness of the cool, crisp morning air or the clean after a rain fall, to tasting the flavor of a tomato just picked from its vine – all flood the senses with the Divine. The awe of the Divine. To be able to capture these and more is such a gift from the Divine. The artist is a gift as well from the Divine. Thank you! God/Goddess is Peace, Light, Love and so are you. Carol D.

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