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Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois. On a walk I stepped on a  brown beetle-eaten leaf. The shape caught my eye. I picked up the leaf from the wet sidewalk and noticed its lacyness–the holes so evenly spaced. Careful not to crush it, I held the leaf in my hand for the rest of my walk. Once the leaf arrived home with me,  I treated it like a stencil and started to play with the possiblities on paper. Before it had time to dry and curl up, coatings of spray paint had given me a new purpose.

Have you ever picked up something from nature and brought it home?  What amazed you about it?


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Welcome to my new website. I’m starting this blog to find others who may experience the Divine through nature. As a person of faith and as an artist, my favorite way to respond to nature is through art. Next to simply being outside, I love to paint and draw outdoors.

My congregation at First Congregational Church UCC in Moline, Illinois has offered me a sabbatical for this summer for the purpose of rest and renewal. They are also sending me out with a wonderful list of places to paint–places where they have experienced God. I’m keeping a running list viewable under “Places List” near the top of the screen.

I may not be able to hit all of the nature sites in two months, but I plan to visit many of them to paint and draw. I will keep you posted right here. How do you experience the Spirit in nature? Please share your thoughts. I’m preparing to be amazed!

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